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My favorite photos capture emotion, laughter, and feel real. No fake posey stuff here!

I am located in central illinois, serving chicago and the peoria area.

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My 3 favorite things about photographing weddings – Chicago, Illinois Wedding Photographer

I have a crazy love for photographing weddings. I see your wedding day like a blank book and I love filling the pages with beautiful photos of your story. There are so many things that I absolutely love about being a wedding photographer but these three things definitely stick out in my mind whenever I’m asked about it.

3. The Variety – Weddings are the only type of ‘session’ that I can capture just about everything all in one shoot. Anything from jewelry, venues, table centerpieces, people of all ages, flowers, shoes, clothes, landscapes, and can be indoors and outdoors or on the ground or rooftop deck. I really enjoy the variety and it keeps me challenged creatively all day. I have to say that I love it all – the closeup shots of rings, flowers, jewelry, wedding invitations and all the other tiny but beautiful details of your day, the group portraits of your bridal party and families, the photos of just the two of you, the emotional and candid moments, everyone bustin’ a move on the dance floor, the gorgeous colors you have chosen to complement your day, your bridal party getting ready for the day, your cake, and I honestly love photographing it all!

2. The Atmosphere – As a photographer who is completely in love with candid moments, it doesn’t get much better than a wedding 🙂 I absolutely thrive in weddings because inspiration surrounds me – smiles, laughter, genuine happiness and love. Beautiful moments are happening all around me and I am able to capture them one after another. I even get caught up in the moments myself – smiling at your love and affection, wiping a tear so I can see clearly to capture the emotional moment, and bouncing around to the beat of my favorite song on the dance floor in between snapping photos 🙂

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1. The Couple – I may be a little biased when I say this but I seriously have the very best couples! My favorite part of the whole wedding process, hands down, is meeting with the couples in person. I love to sit back, listen to their story, but most of all I love to just watch them. I love seeing their personalities come out as they laugh together and tease each other about how they met or how he/she proposed. It’s fun for me to see their personalities and energy and it gives me a glimpse into how their wedding day will play out. My biggest hope is to walk out of a wedding consultation feeling like I’ve made a new friend. I don’t want them to feel like they have a stranger following them around on their wedding day. I want them to feel like I’m just another friend tagging along, laughing with them, and documenting their day in in the most beautiful and personal way.

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I would love to set up a time and place to meet with you and talk about your wedding. I get sooo excited about weddings and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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single frame. Joanna has a beautiful eye
for capturing the emotion of the day - the
love and happiness that
you would never think
could be enveloped
in a
- Sharon & David
unmatched. Joanna's ability to capture emotion and pure beauty
in a photo
- Christine
Joanna is a talented and gifted photographer. She has an amazing eye loves for capturing beautiful
candid shots. she truly

what she's doing
and it shows
in her work. We were
very lucky to have
found her for our
- Katie & Tony