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The Turning Point in my Photography Business – My One Year Wedding Anniversary – Chicago, Illinois Wedding Photographer

Exactly one year ago on this exact date, I spent the majority of the day completely stressing out. I had committed to photograph my very first wedding on New Years Eve. The bride was a friend from high school who was having a hard time finding a photographer since their wedding would be on a holiday. She asked me a few times and I had politely said no. Weddings had always intimidated me. In my 3 years of business, I always referred weddings out to other photographers in the area. I just didn’t think weddings were for me. I am a very laid back, carefree, go with the flow type of photographer, so I was terrified of the bridezilla. I thought wedding days would be full of drama, unreasonably tight timelines, and crazy demands. I didn’t think I was ready to photograph such a HUGE deal. I was a family and child photographer and basically, I just lacked the confidence in myself as a photographer to take on something as important as a wedding. But Alyssa persisted, insisting it would be a very casual and small courthouse wedding and she just wanted nice photos at the end of the day. She believed in me and my ability to capture her day in a beautiful way. I eventually agreed to do it and it just might be the very best decision I have ever made for my business.

New Years Eve last year was a very chilly 8 degrees and I drove in a small blizzard for over an hour to get to Woodstock, IL where Alyssa was going to marry Phillip. I was freezing (hello polar vortex!!), and as I was sitting in the courthouse waiting for Alyssa and Phillip to arrive I started to worry about letting my first wedding clients down. But when they turned the corner and started walking down the hallway towards me, I saw how absolutely BEAUTIFUL Alyssa looked. I saw the way they looked at each other and felt how the world seemed to stop for the just the two of them. I saw the love between them and that’s when I realized that I was going to fall hard for weddings.

 After we arrived at their luncheon venue, I took them outside for a few super quick photos. Once I started shooting, I knew I was in for the long haul. I knew I would do everything in my power to be able to capture love at any chance I got. True love is so incredibly beautiful and I want to be the one to preserve it in time for as many couples as I can.

As scared as I had been for this day, it turned out to be completely natural to me. I guess I never really thought about the atmosphere of a wedding – completely full of love, laughter, smiles, heartfelt words, and raw emotion surrounding me. It is such a unique and awesome environment to work and be inspired in. It’s all so perfect for a photographer like me who thrives on capturing candid moments since those candid moments are everywhere you look. All of my nerves completely washed away and I learned that I had a natural talent for photographing weddings. The best parts of the day were the things I never expected. I never thought I would be treated just like family, that my cheeks would hurt from smiling so much, that I would find tears in my eyes during emotional speeches, and I certainly never thought I would become completely obsessed with weddings the way I am now.

Chicago Illinois Wedding Photography, Winter Wedding in Woodstock

Illinois wedding photographer Woodstock Illinois

Joanna Smith Photography Chicago Illinois candid wedding photographer

Since then, I have photographed 4 weddings in 2014 and I have 6 more on the books for 2015. I wanted to share some of my favorites from my 2014 weddings.

David & Alicia – March 2014

Spring Wedding, Chicago Wedding Photography

Spring Wedding, Chicago Wedding Photography

Spring Wedding, Chicago Wedding Photography

David & Sharon – July 2014

Saint Charles wedding photography, Chicago area wedding photographerFirst look wedding photos, Chicago Illinois wedding photogrpahyHotel Baker wedding photography, Joanna Smith Photography, Chicago Illinois wedding photography

Erin & Jeff – August 2014

First look wedding photos in Illinois by Joanna Smith Photography

Wedding photography in Chicago, Illinois

Wedding day photos

Amy & Mark – August 2014

Chicago wedding photography

Chicago wedding photos

Rustic wedding, Chicago Illinois wedding

I am so humbled and honored that I have received such an overwhelming response to my wedding photography. My clients are all so incredibly awesome who make me feel like family and I have yet to encounter a bridezilla 🙂 I think I have found my calling with photography and I look forward to photographing many more weddings in my future.

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single frame. Joanna has a beautiful eye
for capturing the emotion of the day - the
love and happiness that
you would never think
could be enveloped
in a
- Sharon & David
unmatched. Joanna's ability to capture emotion and pure beauty
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- Christine
Joanna is a talented and gifted photographer. She has an amazing eye loves for capturing beautiful
candid shots. she truly

what she's doing
and it shows
in her work. We were
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found her for our
- Katie & Tony